Welcome Page

Welcome to Berrett-Koehler Foundation!

In order to extend its mission of connecting people and ideas to create a world that works for all, Berrett-Koehler Publishers has launched an independent new nonprofit organization – the Berrett-Koehler Foundation – which is dedicated to:

Helping the next generation of leaders create a world that works for all by learning and putting into practice systems-changing ideas and methods that foster positive change in people’s lives, organizations and communities.

In our next chapter, we are initiating a pilot fellowship program and a Berrett-Koehler Book Club! Our focus remains on supporting action-learning projects undertaken by young leaders, or the mission-driven organizations in which they work, that help them create collaborative environments, deep dialogue and whole systems change that shift the underlying beliefs, practices, and structures that keep generating the same cycles of problems. We work intergenerationally, engaging in mutual learning across ages and re-weaving the generational fabric as we empower the next generation of change-makers.

Interested leaders and organizations can take a look at Our Programs for more information on our new programs and some insight into possible ways we can support you!


Here’s what some of our Leadership Exchange participants have to say about what the BK Foundation brings to the conversation on intergenerational leadership…

“The power of exchange of experience in one day.”

“A wealth of ideas and author experiences aimed at different aspects of leadership.”

“Convening and designing and listening.”

“Tremendous credibility and ability to bring together smart-interesting-curious people of different generations.”

2017 Berrett-Koehler Foundation Board Retreat

In January, the BK Foundation’s Board of Directors held its annual retreat at board member Shilpa Jain’s home in Berkeley, CA. We applied the diverse talents of this group to set our programmatic course for 2017 and deepen the Foundation’s theory of systemic change.

Here are some quotes from the board on how they see the work of BK Foundation:

  • “A vibrant hub – a force that connects people, ideas, and opportunities.”
  • “Support others to experience a step towards beloved community, unexpected insights and concrete ideas and resources to support people’s work.”
  • “Bring together allies, divergent thinking, cross-generational and cross-sector.”
  • “Courage to take action in the face of uncertainty.”
  • “Offer cutting-edge leadership development through intergenerational interactions.”
  • “Train people/organizations to become agents of effective love and connection based change in their communities.”
  • “Healthy cycles of learning, unlearning, and uplearning for all.”

To learn more about our movement as an organization and the state of our programs, go here to read our Executive Director’s letter and to see our 2016 in highlights!