BK Design Team

Berrett-Koehler Foundation is always looking for leaders to join our BK Design Team to connect emerging and experienced leaders in intergenerational dialogue. Might you be on the team? Read. Feel. Think. Apply.

What is the Design Team?
Design Teams vision, design, and facilitate the BK Leadership Exchange that takes place in Oakland, CA. Along the way they also practice intergenerational collaboration and support each other’s leadership journeys. Design Teams have two parallel projects – the project of their own intergenerational collaboration, and the project of designing a fabulous participatory leadership event.

A typical Design Team consists of 4-6 people, with an equal number of experienced leaders (often Berrett-Koehler authors) and emerging leaders (folks ages between 20-40). The Design Team is the behind-the-scenes experience that’s at the core of Leadership Exchanges. Our Design Team members report having an invaluable experience, getting to actually collaborate with and form meaningful relationships with folks of different ages, fields and personal backgrounds while looking directly at the ways we can work best together.


Amie Lam & Stewart Levine, members of our BK Design Team for 1/9/16

What is the time commitment?
Design Teams meet every other week during the 3 months preceding the BK Leadership Exchange event. They also meet up once after the event, for a celebration dinner with BK Foundation Staff.

Who should apply?
If you want to grow your own skills as a collaborative leader in diverse, intergenerational teams… if you are passionate about creating purpose-driven, intergenerational community… if you want to share your gifts as a facilitator (no experience necessary)… if you are a leadership thinker, an event designer or an artist… then we encourage you to apply!

To be considered, please send your name, contact information, and a few sentences about why you want to join the Leadership Exchange Design Team to Annie-Rose at annierose.london@bkfoundation.org.