Camilla Lopez and Kevin Lohela Receive Inquiring Mindset Awards

Camilla Lopez, principal, and Kevin Lohela, academic dean, have received awards to begin a culture change initiative at Crown Heights Elementary School.

Camilla Inquiring Mindset

They believe that developing a questioning mindset is the key to lifelong learning. Their project will consist of:

1. Attending the “Inquiring Mindset Learning Foundation” Program on October 23 and 24, led by their sponsor Marilee Adams, author of Change Your Questions, Change Your Life .

2. They will hold a staff meeting to teach these concepts to their staff.

3. Together as a staff they will plan for how they will bring this methodology into the classroom to create culture change.

* Once they have completed the staff conversation and the plan for culture change, the Berrett-Koehler award will be completed. The Crown Heights staff will continue on their own. See the section below titled “Going Forward” for more information on what they will do to implement their plan.

Teaching Others

To teach others what they have learned at the end of their project, Camilla and Kevin will create a video to be hosted on the Berrett-Koehler Foundation website.


The Berrett-Koehler Foundation provided $1500 to help support Camilla and Kevin in attending the workshop. Camilla and Kevin contributed the balance of funding needed.  Marilee Adams provided support pro bono.

Kevin Inquiring MindsetGoing Forward

This award is the first step in what Camilla and Kevin expect to be a much larger process – to implement the plan they create as a result of their award.

They have raised $2000 from Achievement First to continue their effort.

Crown Heights Elementary is one of a network of twenty-two charter schools in the Achievement First network located in New York and Connecticut. The mission of Achievement First states, “Closing the achievement gap is the civil rights issue of our time. From the moment students arrive at Achievement First schools, they are held to high expectations built around the belief that they can and will achieve academic success.”

Marilee Adams will continue to support them as they move forward.



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