Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the program cost?

Beginning with our 2016 Experiential Exchange Cohort, BKF is initiating an experiment in an alternative model of supporting our program: The Pay-It-Forward Model. While needing to defray program expenses is our immediate purpose, we’d also like to invite participants to create a ripple effect with their donations, making it possible to grow our community by enabling a larger number of participants to join. We’re encouraging the pay-it-forward approach because of its deep philosophical roots, as well as its modern echo of the sharing economy.

The basic idea is: rather than charge participants an up-front tuition for the Experiential Exchange Program, you are invited to give at the end of the program, if you have benefited from it, for the next cohort of the Experiential Exchange Program.

There are two ways you could do that. The first is monetary, by donating according to your means and volition. The second way to pay it forward is through an in-kind donation, specifically of your time, by serving as a BKF volunteer, either for the Experiential Exchange program or elsewhere to support our activities (admin support, photography or video, social media outreach, or some other project we cook up together!)

Your participation in the Experiential Exchange program will not depend on your ability or willingness to make a Pay-It-Forward Donation. However, we would like to invite you, from the start, to think of your participation as an experience that can ripple further and further outward, with your Pay-It-Forward Donation reaching out to the next cohort with your support.

What is the timeline for the Experiential Exchange Program?

The 2016 Cohort runs from February 4, 2016 through July 1st, 2016 (though you and your partner are welcome to continue meeting for as long as you like). We kick-off with the Orientation Call on February 4th, and get partnerships rolling. 

What if I am already meeting with someone I met at the Leadership Exchange?

Great! You are still welcome, and even encouraged, to participate in the Experiential Exchange Program. You will be able to play with our additional supports if you like, see if they serve you, and become a part of BKF’s community of folks putting their time where their heart is around intergenerational relationships. The program also serves as an arm of our research into what makes intergenerational learning relationships work, so your participation will directly support our mission to help more leaders connect authentically across generations.

What if I can’t make it to the February 5th Orientation Call?

We greatly urge you to do all that is in your power to make it. However, if you absolutely cannot be there, then just let us know as soon as possible and we will set up another time to orient you and get you on-board!

I’m a busy person. Will this fit in my life?

This program is set up to respect the styles and goals of each participant. The only required pieces are: attend the Orientation Call, fill out the matching survey, and create a shared partner agreement on often you will meet. You can decide to call once a month on the phone, every day in-person, and everything in-between. You can have 30-minute check-ins or 2-hour long explorations. The exact structure of your partnership is truly up to you!

What’s the deal with the Program Liaison?

Join our Orientation Call to find out more! In brief, the Program Liaison is your liaison to the Experiential Exchange Program as a whole. They help orient you to the larger context of the program, answer any of your questions, check-in with you occasionally, and generally are available to support as needed. It is up to you to decide how much or how little you want to use your Program Liaison.

What if I still want to meet with my partner after the close of the Fall Cohort of Experiential Exchanges?

We hope you do. When we “close” the program at the end of December, we are simply closing BKF’s formal holding of your relationship. Your Program Liaison will no longer be checking in with you and we will no longer play an active role in your connection. However, you are of course welcome to continue your partnership for as long as it works for both of you. You may also re-enroll in the Spring Cohort with your partner, if you would like to maintain BKF support, or you may close your existing partnership and sign up for a new partner in the Spring Cohort.

Do I have to have meetings with my partner in person?

Nope. Most of our participants are not local, and we have seen no difference in success between pairs meeting over phone or skype versus pairs who meet in-person.

Can I participate in multiple cohorts of Experiential Exchanges?

Yes, as many as you like.

What makes this different from other mentorship programs?

Lots. Our program is uniquely focused on mutual mentorship, which means that everybody gets to contribute their full wisdom and also receive learning from their partner. The other primary difference is that we offer a balance of structure and flexibility. We respect our participants’ schedules and needs and empower them to create their own partner agreement. We also provide templates for making such an agreement and provide support via the Program Liaison to tailor the partnership to their needs, so that you are not left fully at sea. Finally, when you participate in an Experiential Exchange you are joining a cohort of folks creating a living experiment in two-way intergenerational learning. Your learnings directly impact BKF’s future work to create more authentic and productive leadership learning spaces.

Any other questions?

If you still have questions, please fill out the form here or email us directly at!