2013 Highlights

Highlights of 2013
The Top 15 Accomplishments of the Berrett-Koehler Foundation

February 1. Design Team selected initial service delivery vehicle from the six that were proposed – providing grants to emerging young leaders for action learning projects.
March and April 2. Hosted an onsite meeting of 20 people, held 4 focus groups, and conducted an online survey, as a result:  Chose the name:  Berrett-Koehler Foundation, and finalized the mission: Helping the next generation of leaders create a world that works for all by learning and putting into practice systems-changing ideas and methods that foster positive change in people’s lives, organizations and communities.
 May 3. Set up a website.4. Preliminary budgets for 2013-2015 approved by Design Team.5. BK Staff and the BK Group Board approved BK Pub contributing 10% of pretax profits for 3 years.
June 6. Incorporated as a non-profit public benefit corporation.7. Set up a fiscal sponsor so we can accept tax-deductible donations while waiting for IRS approval of non-profit status. Designed and set up financial processes and bank accounts.
July 8. Fundraising Committee created a brochure and launched efforts.
August 9. Designed processes for tracking donations and creating donor database. Designed and created processes for sending donation acknowledgment letters.
September 10. Finalized and adopted bylaws.
October 11. First Board of Directors meeting. Leadership officially transferred from Design Team to Board of Directors.12. Conducted 4 pilot action-learning projects with young leaders. (October through November)13. Sent first monthly newsletter to members of the BK authors community and others who signed up for the newsletter on our website.
 November 14. Services Committee evaluated pilots and identified application, selection and evaluation processes and made recommendations on services.
December 15. First Advisory Board meeting.

Recognition and appreciation to Mal Warwick, Charlotte Ashlock, Si Kahn, and Steve Piersanti, the Investigation Team that conducted the 2012 Feasibility Study and who then became the Design Team that steered this effort through the first half of 2013.