2014 Highlights

1. Officially became a 510 (c) (3) non-profit tax exempt organization in July

2. Sent monthly newsletters to over 700 e-list subscribers

3. Interim Executive Director successfully completed her term, and new permanent Executive Director began leadership in August

4. Launched the 1st in-person cross-generational leadership event, the Leadership Exchange with 30 experienced leaders and 30 emerging leaders in attendance

5. Planned multiple Leadership Exchanges for 2015 of varying sizes, with the first scheduled for January 10, 2014

6. Launched Experiential Exchange program creating mentor matches between youngers and olders in a 2-way learning exchange

7. Brought on two new Board members including 1 BK author and 1 emerging leader who attended the Leadership Exchange

8. Received $13,000 total in grants from 1440 and Shinnyo-en Foundations

9. Conducted Action-Learning Partnership with Wiser Together, an initiative of the World Café, to support the creation of a virtual Wiser Together session for multi-generational dialogue with people all over the world

10. Initiated Action-Learning Partnership with E3 to bring BK authors to work with a group of master educators this winter

11. Established a multi-generational volunteer team to strategically design the Leadership Exchange in January 2015

12. Attended National Service Learning Conference In Washington DC through donation from Shinnyo-en Foundation and held Foundation booth in collaboration with BK Publishers. Brought authors, Rob Jolles, Devora Zack, Bruce Rosenstein, and Pat McLagen to speak to groups of young leaders

13. Received financial support from over 50 members of the Berrett-Koehler Publishers community

14. Action Learning Fellowship with Camilla Lopez, the Principal of Achievement First Charter School, continued to have impact as reflected in the school’s current successful reading and math scores

15. Action Learning project on consulting with young leader, Caitlin Shields, and experienced leader and BK author Geoff Bellman completed in January