Leadership Exchanges

Leadership Exchanges are one-day events that bring together emerging and experienced leaders across diverse fields, identities, and leadership philosophies to explore and evolve leadership individually and culturally. Leadership Exchanges model the sort of leadership we wish to cultivate: they are inclusive, engaging, process-conscious and highly experiential. Through intergenerational dialogue, both emerging and experienced leaders have the unique opportunity to come together to share and practice innovative leadership forms. Creative activities help participants learn new methods to bring about positive systems change and collaborate on critical societal or organizational issues that are important in their organizations and communities.

Taken from our 1/9/16 BK Leadership Exchange Event

Leadership Exchanges are created by intergenerational Design Teams; 100% volunteer teams who receive training in facilitation and intergenerational collaboration.

There are two types of this event:

1) BK Leadership Exchange: We host our own Leadership Exchanges in Oakland, CA, the birth place of this program. We strive to build community locally around the Berrett-Koehler Foundation and Berrett-Koehler Publishers Company. Join one of our in-house Design Teams or come to one of our events as a participant.

2) Partnership Leadership Exchange: Non-profit organizations, businesses and authors interested in connecting leaders in intergenerational dialogue are encouraged to host or sponsor a Leadership Event at your specified location. We will provide you with our content materials, guidance, and support to launch your own event successfully. Go here for additional details and/or contact us for more info!

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