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Leadership Exchanges are events that bring together emerging and experienced leaders across diverse fields, identities, and leadership philosophies to explore and evolve leadership individually and culturally. Leadership Exchanges model the sort of leadership we wish to cultivate: they are inclusive, engaging, process-conscious and highly experiential. Rather than teach leadership, these events are opportunities to share the leadership knowledge we all bring to the room.

Our Leadership Exchanges are volunteer designed. Design Teams are intergenerational and model the processes and awareness we seek to support as leaders. We partner with organizations and individuals to create Leadership Exchanges that fit their community context and needs. Some examples of design groups are:

  • Conferences interested in hosting a Leadership Exchange full or half day as a part of their event
  • Groups interested in bringing constituents together across sectors, and using a Leadership Exchange as the context to do that
  • Organizations planning to host a leadership learning event, and interested in using the Leadership Exchange structure to do so
  • BK Foundation Partner Organizations seeking to create a Leadership Exchange in their local community
  • Individuals interested in creating a Leadership Exchange for a particular participant base (for example, Leadership Exchanges for specific professional fields [environmental professionals, alternative health-care providers, etc.], a specific neighborhood, a community of learning, a faith-based community, etc.)

Can a Leadership Exchange serve your community’s growth and leadership capacity? Can a Leadership Exchange deepen your organization’s relationships across boundaries of age, position, or experience? Contact us at to discuss how a Leadership Exchange can support your efforts.

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Foundation Leadership Exchange Submission Guide