Programs We Provide

BK Foundation creates intergenerational, leadership-focused programs that empower emerging changemakers and connect leaders at every stage of their career.

Our Offerings

LEADERSHIP EXCHANGESBring your whole self to our flagship intergenerational leadership jams for networking and exploring innovative leadership forms (size 60+ people). Through intergenerational dialogue, this highly participatory program fosters a one-of-a-kind laboratory environment where individuals can learn from each other. Come to ours or host your own!1 dayMore info
Seeking a deeper dive into your leadership growth? Join our innovative mentorship program. We connect emerging and experienced leaders together in mutual mentorship to learn leadership skills relevant to today's world.3-6 monthsMore info
Are you local? We offer an array of leadership-focused workshops in the East Bay (size 10-15 people). Topics include intergenerational collaboration and leveraging new leadership paradigms to address current issues.2-4 hoursMore info
Partner with us! We extend and enhance the work of existing nonprofits and mission-aligned organizations. We work with them to create action-learning experiences that put into practice what is being learned by participants in their programs.VariableMore info